Thursday, April 7, 2011

Catching Up

Ni hao!

Sorry for yet another long break since my last post :(
It has been midterm season and I have been studying and keeping busy. I now know why HKUST is nicknamed "Hong Kong University of Stress and Tension."

Overall, midterm grades were all above the averages in the class... except for Sociology (which I am surprised about, since I am minoring in it)...
 How pathetic.
However, I was only 2 points away, which I am not too bummed about. I dislike the class and professor strongly, so in reality, I don't give a hoot!

I finished my Chinese assessment yesterday and have now become free/available until mid May. I am looking forward to the free time... which means more blogging :)

The next few posts will be "FLASHBACK" posts about events that have occurred since you last tuned in.

     This includes:
  • My backpacking trip to Singapore and Malaysia
  • My trip to Taiwan
  • My 21st Birthday
  • My RECENT trip to the Philippines
  • And many more experiences!

I will start things off with telling you about my trip to Singapore and Malaysia at the beginning of the semester.

Happy reading,

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