Thursday, May 19, 2011


It's interesting how much can change in one semester.
I have grown up so much since arriving in Hong Kong.

I'm definetly a more independent girl, who has learned to take care of herself. I'm no longer as innocent as I was before. I started growing out of that "phase" after my 21st birthday party. For some reason, I always tried to see the good in people (this is what made me so innocent). I wanted to be nice to everyone and I would never say what was on my mind in order to avoid any hard feelings or conflict...

But what is the point of caring about someone who doesn't care about you?
What's the point of waiting for someone when he/she would never wait for you?
What is the point of defending someone when he/she would never stand up for you?
What is the point of spending money on someone, if they won't spend the same amount on you?

There is no point.

The semester ended yesterday, and finals have officially begun. Within 2 weeks, most of my fellow exchange-mates will be heading back to their home countries or continuing their travels.
We will all be going out seperate ways.

HKUST Exchange Spring 2011

I know that I will leave Hong Kong as a different person. This is true for everyone who came on exchange. They grew a little more.
Maybe they learned to study better, drink alcohol, love someone, or just be open-minded...

But there are also those selected few that change... they change too much.
You hardly remember what they were like before they changed, and you don't understand what happened.
You don't know them anymore.

Change can be good. Change can be bad.
However, change is inevitable.

I just don't know how to deal with it, and I'm sure many people are questioning the same thing...

Just a thought,

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