Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting Acquainted

The day started with a nice run around campus with Caroline (Jonathan overslept). The track is right by the bay and it makes for some awesome scenery!

Afterwards, Caroline and Jonathan met in my room so we could head out to Canteen 1 for lunch. We decided to sit next to a few other exchange students to meet some new people. It's crazy how many people from all over have come to HKUST. I'm meeting people from all over!

From Left Front: Kristin (Wisconsin), Jeff (Wisconsin), Jonathan (UT), Jason (Australia)
From Right Front: Dan (Canada), Caroline (Michigan), Malte (Germany)
We sat and talked at that table for a good 3 hours! It was nice to see some new faces :)
They are all very sweet and funny.

Jeff and Kristin decided to go to the supermarket on campus (yes, we have our own!), so we all decided to tag along.

Malte and Caroline

Malte Trying to Find Some "Hard" Bread
ADDITIONAL NOTE: Malte was explaining to Caroline and I that (in Germany) the harder the bread, the better! They also have different shades of bread to describe how brown/grainy it is (Grey bread, Black bread, etc). 

We really hit it off with Jason during lunch and the supermarket trip, so he invited Caroline, Jonathan, and I to his room (Hall I) to see what "we were missing out on."

YIKES! What a difference to Hall VII! The rooms are wider, but smaller. The beds are shorter and they have bathrooms/showers that residents share with the entire floor. However, it is a clean dorm and not as bad as we had heard. We enjoyed the tour :)

Afterwards, we invited Jason to Hall VII to hang out in our rooms. We sat and talked in Jonathan's room for another 2 hours about everything you could imagine - mostly about Australia.

We checked the facebook group for our exchange program and found that there would be a bar-b-q down by the beach in an hour, so we all decided to grab some dinner before heading down. We returned to Canteen 1 and met some more new kids along the way:

From Left: Jason (Australia) and Josh (Illinois)

Lika (Netherlands)

We all Ordered "Rice Noodles with Sliced Beef."
 Delicious! A-.

From Left: Igor (Massachusetts) and Caroline
We sat for a while and chatted about our schools and majors, until we saw it was getting dark. We made our way down to the bar-b-q site on the beach and mingled.
Check it out:

Local Students Grilling

From Left: Jens (Sweden), Mariel (Washington DC), Caroline, Mike (Canada), Jason

Mike and Jens Enjoying Each Other's Company.
Mike took the "BYOB" Rule Very Seriously. Haha!

The Group
The bar-b-q was almost over, so Caroline, Jonathan, and I rallied everyone up to go to the Night Market on Temple Street. It was a success! So many people came and the rest of the night was a blast!
Take a look:

On the Double-Decker Bus to Diamond Hill

2nd Floor. HOLLAAAA!

Diamond Hill MTR Station.

Temple Street

Hangin' Out.

Late Night Snack
"Egg Crate" Dessert?

Malte Posing with his Meatballs

Caroline and I Sharing "Egg Crates."
They tasted like Banana Donut Holes Mixed with a Waffle.
Outstanding! A+

Grabbin' Some Tea

Late Night Bargaining in the Market

Small Shish Kabob Stand Outside of the Choi Hung MTR Station

Posing :)

Mike and Jens Chowin' Down

Hangin' Around (Literally!)

Waiting for the Bus back to Campus
 The days just keep getting better and better here! I can't wait for tomorrow :)

Recovering from a fun night,

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