Friday, January 28, 2011

Lina the Explorer (Eat your heart out, Dora)

Today was dedicated to getting familiar with the HKUST campus. It's not as large as UT, but it still has a lot of places to see. After skyping home, I met up with another UT MIS exchange student (Jonathan L) for brunch. We decided to try Canteen 1, which has a popular reputation among the locals and other international students.

It was a success. A+.
The Peking duck was amazing and I plan on visiting again soon :)

We sat with a nice group of exchange students and had a small chat about housing and our experiences in HK. Everyone is very friendly and I can't wait to meet some more folks!

Afterwards, Jonathan and I explored the campus. It continues to be breathtaking.
Take a look:


Library (NOT open 24 hours)

Cafe Patio and Professors' Condos (background)

View from the Highest Level

Central Campus


Club Banners/Advertisements in the Atrium

Vending Machines

Jonathan and I parted ways because he needed to get his ID and go visit our advisor, Wendy. I took this time to visit the computer lab and work on my name tag for my door. It came out pretty good.

What do you think?

Sweet and simple.
Special thanks to Kristin Amundsen for writing my name on the envelope to the "farewell" card she gave me before I left... I tore it into a rectangle and made it fit into the slot :)

I met up with Jonathan again to shop for necessary things (to make our rooms more like home). We decided to visit IKEA at the Megabox again. We took a little detour on the way there by getting off at the wrong stop, but Jonathan speaks Mandarin and just asked a local where the nearest MTR station was... it was only a 10 minute walk. Not too big of a mistake. Phew!

After doing some serious shopping at IKEA and the Supermarket, it was dinner time! We were both craving Vietnamese food, so we hit up the local Pho place within the mall.
It was AWESOME! A-.
Steak and Flank Pho
The food gave us some energy to actually explore the Megabox. It turns out that it has 14 levels with a lot of fun things to do. They have an IMAX theatre, CD/Bookstore, Arcade, Chinese Restaurants, and...

A Skating Rink!
We would have never guessed that they could have fit a skating rink on the 9th floor! The architecture of this building just blows your mind!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Buildings in Hong Kong invest a lot of money on getting some of the best architects in the world to build structures with a strong emphasis on fung shway.

We were exhausted and decided to head back to campus!
However, Jonathan and I got lost... again.
We were walking up and down the road trying to find our bus stop... It was nowhere to be found! Luckily, I called my friend Mariel (from yesterday) to lead us in the right direction. After speaking with her, we finally found our bus and made our way back to campus! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I will always remember that I will get off at the C1 Exit at Choi Hung Station.

After unpacking all of the supplies I purchases at IKEA for my room, I went to go visit Caroline on the 7th floor. We chatted about our day and decided to go bother Jonathan... across the hall.
The three of us laughed and talked about random topics! My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard.
Good times.

We ended the night by deciding to go jogging together around campus in the morning.
The exploring of campus continues tomorrow at 9AM sharp...

Keep you posted.,

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